Ricoh Head Gen 5

 Ricoh head gen 5



  • 1,280 channel
  • Two color and four color support
    • Single color : 600npi
    • Two Color : 300npi
    • Four color : 150npi
  • 8 level gray scale capability


Size  89(W)x25(D)x69(H)mm(Excluding cable and connector)
Head Material SST, Nickel alloy and apoxy adhesive  (Direct contact with ink)  
Compatible jetting fluids Compatible with water,Solvent,oil,ul curable Inks 
Nozzle plate surface Coasted SST 
number of nozzle 4x320 channel 

Nozzle spacing :

A. Within a single row

B. Within a color

C. Single pass

D. Row to row distance

E. Color to color

Ricoh head gen 5-b

0.1693mm (1/150)

0.0847mm (1/300)

0.0423 mm (1/600)



Ink Inlet port  2x dual ports
Piezzo type D33 Stacked PZT 
Drop ejection mode Piston pasher with metalic diaphragma plate 
integrated electronic Low foltage serail to high foltae paralel  converter with 2bit shift resistor & transmision gate output 
Temperature control Integrated heater and termishor 
Viscosity 11 cP (at operating temp) 
Surface tention 32 dynes/cm 

Native drop volume

7-Pico liter 
Drop volume range / variation 7-35 Picoliter with gray scale ±10% 
Drop velosity nominal / variation 7m/sec/±15% 
Crosstalk 10% or less with all channel fairing 
Jet straightness 1 sigma <3.5 mili-radianfrom nozzle center line
Native drop operating frequency 60 kHz (Higer burst possible uncer ideal condition)
Life  100 billion actuations per nozzle