Ricoh head Gen 4L


Ricoh head gen 4L


  • Isolated Ink-Chamber
  • Integrated Electronic
  • Gray Scale Capable
  • Two Color Support
  • Accurates alighment pins


Size 13.2(W)x120(D)x75.5(H)mm
Head Materials SST epoxy adhesive (Direct contact with Ink)
Nozzle plate surface No-wet Coating
Number of nozzles 2x192 channel

Nozzle Spacing :

A. Within row    0.3387mm

B. Row to row offset    0.1693mm

C. Row to row spacing    0.9948 mm 

 Ricoh head gen 4L-b
Dual ink inlet ports 1x(single color) or 2x(two color)
Piezo type D33 stacked PZT
Drop ejection mode Piston phaser with metalic diaphragma
Integrated electronic Low foltage serail to high foltae paralel  converter with 2bit shift resistor & transmision gate output
Alighment pins accuracy 26 micro dinamic true position
Temperature control Integrated heater and themistor
Operating temperature range Up to 80 ° C


Compatible jetting fluids  Water,Solvent,Oil, UV Curable 
Viscosity range  10-12 cP (at Operating Temp) 
Surface tention  27/33 dynes/cm 


Native drop size ±10% 15PL    27PL  
Selec table drop size ±10% 15PL 30PL 45PL 27PL 54PL
Maximum Frequency 30kHz 20kHz 20kHz 30kHz 14kHz
Drop velosity nominal ±15% 8 m/Sec
Crosstalk ±15% or less with all channel firing
Jet Straightness, 1 Sigma <5 mili-radian from nozzle centerline
Life 100 billion actuation per nozzle